So, why choose us? Well here’s a bunch of pretty good reasons:

  • Full service dive centre: We offer dive courses, snorkelling and diving equipment sales, holidays, air fills, kit servicing and gear rental. We’re here all the time, you can come and visit us and hang out in the shop, we’re not just a voice at the end of a phone.
  • Great facilities: Well maintained school equipment, a large classroom and loads of tea and coffee!
  • We use a 25m long heated pool with a huge deep end and loads of space for courses. We don’t share our pool time with anyone else, so no getting kicked in the head by passing swimmers…
  • Lots of pool time. We offer 9 hours of pool time on an open water course, much more than many other dive centres.
  • We’re young, modern and dynamic. We keep up to date with modern dive practices and don’t get stuck in a rut. There’s no grumpy ‘My way works best’ here. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and keep up to date with the latest news on our blog and website as well.
  • 18 years of experience and success: We’re one of London’s longest established dive centres. That’s because we do things properly, have loads of fun and our customers come back!
  • We’re one of the only dive centres in zone 2 so when we say we’re in London we mean it! No huge journeys to come and find us….
  • We use the latest course materials and offer the most up to date diver training.
  • We adhere strictly to all training standards as well as to the UK HSE approved code of practice for recreational dive training.
  • All our instructors are patient, friendly and welcoming, we remember what it's like to start out as a new diver and we want you to have as much fun as we do.
  • Sensible class and pool times: We run classroom sessions in the morning and pool sessions through the afternoon at the weekends. However we can also schedule class and pool sessions to suit you.
  • A brilliant dive club and social scene. If you want to get involved we think we’ve got the best, most friendly, active (and free) dive club in London! Come to one of our clubnights and see why so many people stay with us for years and years.
  • Personal shopping service: We stock the latest ranges as well as dealing with all the major manufacturers. We offer sound, impartial advice about equipment purchases (along with plenty of great deals!) and we’ll ensure you get the right kit for you at the right price.
  • We don’t do groupon style deals on taster sessions causing your pool time to be be rushed and overcrowded.
  • Loads of trips from UK weekends away to week long liveaboards in the Red Sea and cave diving trips to Mexico! 


 In fact over just the last 5 years we reckon we’ve achieved the following:

  • Number of dives completed: 10,000 
  • Number of divers trained: 1000  
  • Clubnights and social days out: 100 
  • Trips and holidays organised: 60+
  • Number of different countries visited: 10
  • Number of people who have got engaged after meeting at the dive club: 4 

But we’ve probably blown our own trumpet enough now. Check out the testimonials from our customers over the years!