We love scuba diving in the UK and it is for good reason. No matter where you are on our brilliant little island you are no more than seventy miles from the sea and which ever coast you travel to, you will enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way.

There is a huge variety of life in UK waters from huge basking sharks, to tiny little nudibranch. You can enjoy a vast number of awesome historical ship wrecks, watch cuttlefish hunting, admire seahorses, be the entertainment for playful grey seals

Entry can be from the shore or by boat. Boat diving can be a thrilling ride on a RIB, or a relaxing journey on a hard boat. 

Is it cold diving in the UK? Most of the places you dive in the world, you will wear thermal protection. In the UK we mainly wear drysuits and with the right thermals underneath can keep you warm in even the most chilly water.

Don't just take our word for it. Check out some of our favourite UK diving videos to the right.