How did you reach DMT level?

During my last holiday, I buddied with someone with a little less experience than me. She was a PADI Advanced diver and I thought it was really cool to "supervise" her and manage the dive. 

Also, DM means more skills and knowledge.  As an active diver learning and gaining experience in an area I am passionate about is very important for me.  We are ambassadors of the underwater world; we should always be expanding our personal library of fish facts and diving skills.

What is next up?

Goals keep changing as soon as I reach them, for now it is to finish my Divemaster course after I have completed the final stages of my marathon training, that goal is the fast approaching on the horizon. –GOOD LUCK!

Diving aspirations? To inspire my friends and bring them together share diving with me and DLL.

So many things keep me passionate about diving!!! The beauty of the underwater world, the amazing sensation of flying, the pleasure to feel your breathing slowing down because you are so zen, the emotion I get from a wreck and its history, the diving community spirit, and of course sharing bubbles (French translation: Champagne) with people who share my interest.

Favourite dive site?

Le Sec Pâté, Guadeloupe

Favourite piece of equipment?

My P-Valve! Just kidding...

My reg, I have sensitive lips