Tec 45

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Tec 45

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Tec 45 takes you beyond the depth limit of recreational diving to 45 metres as well as introducing the concept of accelerated decompression.

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Course Packages

  • Bronze (£449): The full Tec 45 course conducted over 3 days over the weekends
  • Silver (£599): Our most popular option. Includes a backplate and harness. We'll personally assemble the harness for you to ensure it's the perfect fit. This makes a lot of the skills much simpler. As an added bonus we'll also give you a set of essential high quality billy rings worth £26.
  • Gold (£649): Benefit from one-on one-on any days to suit you To add the backplate and harness with the free billy rings just add £159.

How the course works

The Tec 45 course takes 3 days to complete.

  • Day 1 - The first day consists of theory and discussion where we go into further depth on many of the topics covered by the Tec 40 course. We also talk in much more detail about staging and accelerated decompression.
  • Day 2 - We do 2 dives in shallow water. We repeat many of the skills from Tec 40 but this time to a more rigorous level as well as more staging skills.
  • Day 3 - On the last day we do a simulated and then full decompression dive during which we build in the the gas switching and staging skills.

At the end of the course you'll be qualified to conduct full decompression dives to 45m with a single stage to accelerate decompression.

What's included?

The course includes all course materials, equipment hire, training and certification. The following are not included:

  • Transportation to/from the dive site, though we will usually try and arrange car-sharing between course participants
  • Dive site entry fees
  • Accommodation (where applicable)

Course prerequisites

  • Tec 40 qualified or similar from another agency
  • 18 years old with 50 logged dives

What's the next step?

Continue onto Tec 50 and learn how to manage multiple stages and deep air or trimix diving.