Discover Tec Diving

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Discover Tec Diving


Are you interested in tec diving and would like to try diving in a twinset and having a go at some of the skills? Then Discover Tec is for you!

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How the course works

Discover Tec is a single dive experience with the aim of showing you how cool it is to dive around in a twinset and stage!

The session usually runs over an afternoon and involves a orientation to the world of tec diving and an brief explanation of equipment principles. You'll then have the chance to go on a dive with your instructor and see how the gear feels under water. You'll also have the opportunity to try some tec skills out but the aim is very much to simply have fun.

Many people are surprised at how comfortable and balanced the equipment is.

We run Discover Tec on regular occasions throughout the year so please just contact the shop to find out more.

Course prerequisites

  • Aged 18
  • Advanced and Deep qualified
  • 40 logged dives

What's the next step?

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