First course with DLL was..
My Open Water, in Wraysbury in 2001.

Most loved...
It's not a PADI course, but I really enjoyed doing my Reef Check qualification. I've done a few diving conservation holidays and like the feeling that I'm doing something useful underwater. ‎ I'm very keen on underwater photography too.

Diving goals for the future?
‎Finish my divemaster! I've been taking it at an exceptionally leisurely pace, and finishing it was one of my new year's resolutions for 2016.

Best piece of equipment? 
My camera. (And my strobe. And my macro lens. So many gadgets, so hard to decide...). Although I have something of a love/hate relationship with all of the above when I take bad pictures, which is quite often!

The hope of being more competent at being useful to other people underwater is going to keep me plugging away until I've finished my DM, and might possibly take me further in the future.

DLL say something about DLL!
After quite a few years of only diving abroad and in warm water, I never thought I'd get into UK diving. DLL has such a welcoming bunch of people though and that, together with the joy of being in the office one day and under water the next (without having to get on a plane), quickly persuaded me otherwise!