Certification Level:

Master Instructor

When did you start diving?

Approx 14 years

Best diving experience?

Flynn Reef Cairns Australia. It was just like diving in a Aquarium with lots of SHARKS    

Dive goals?

I would love to get to CD and to be able to afford a rebreather ... one day

Dive inspiration?

John Carlin and Paul Toomer    

Fave piece of equipment?

Slipstream Fins, awesome for going backwards with    

Vital Stats:

Regs: Scubapro Mk 17

Drysuit: O three

BCD:  Both but I prefer my Dive Rite Wreck wing

Torch: Any one I can borrow

Thermals: 4th Element    

Mask: Hollis Mk3    

Fins: Slipstream    

Computer: D6i