Enriched Air Nitrox


Enriched Air Nitrox


Use nitrox and extend your dive times. The PADI nitrox course is probably one of the best specialities on offer and it takes only one evening to complete! The course will take you through nitrox analysis and dive planning. We also teach the latest version of the course, a much simpler version that allows you to use a dive computer to do the planning.

Add on a Nirox bolt on to your Open Water, Avanced or Rescue course for only £100.

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How the course works

Prior to the course we will provide you with your course materials. There is a short DVD to watch and a knowledge review in the manual. During the course we will go through some practical workshops of how to use an analyser to determine the nitrox mix and also how to mark up a tank. We will go through the safety concepts of nitrox use and talk about dive planning as well.

We schedule a nitrox course on Thursday evenings at the shop. The whole course takes about 2 hours to complete and we start after work so usually around 19.00 although the start time can be finalised upon booking. The nitrox course can be run with just one person and we can also be very flexible about scheduling so if you can't see a date that works for you or Thursdays are no good then please contact us for more dates and we can almost certainly work out a time to suit you.

Course prerequisites

  • Open Water Qualified
  • Aged 12 and upwards