PADI Drysuit Diver
Price £200


PADI Drysuit Diver
Price £200


Would you like to be toasty and warm on every dive or would you like to try UK diving but are afraid that the water might be too cold? Drysuit diving is the answer!

Save £100 by booking along side of the Open Water, Advanced or REscue Coruse as a bolt on- that is a 50% saving.

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When you dive in a drysuit you stay completely dry under the suit and you wear thermal undergarments to keep you warm. The whole suit becomes your buoyancy device and although at first it takes a little time to master, many people go on to love drysuit diving because it allows them even greater control over their buoyancy than wetsuit diving!

At Diving Leisure London we use well maintained and DRY drysuits with socks and telescoping torsos, this means we can accommodate many more sizes into each suit. A properly fitting drysuit makes the difference between being warm, dry and happy or wet, cold and miserable!

Course Packages:

  • Bronze (£200): Standard Course. Includes a drysuit orientation, plus two open water dives.

How the course works

The drysuit course consists of a confined water session done either in the pool or at the dive site and 2 qualifying dives. We can run this course every other weekend when we are at open water on either the Saturday or Sunday so please contact the shop for the latest dates.

The dives are usually done in fairly shallow water and mainly concentrate on the emergency and buoyancy skills associated with drysuit diving. The main difference to get used to is managing the suit as a buoyancy device instead of the BCD however most divers get to grips with it fairly quickly.

The course can be completed in a single day or can be completed alongside any other course where you're able to dive in a drysuit. See the special offer on the drysuit bolt on!

What's included?

The course includes all course materials, equipment hire, training and certification. The following are not included:

  • Transportation to/from the dive site, though we will usually try and arrange car-sharing between course participants
  • Dive site entry fees
  • Accommodation (where applicable)

Course prerequisites

  • Aged 10 and up
  • Open water qualified or equivalent
  • Completed medical form

What's the next step?

The drysuit course can count towards your Master Scuba Diver certification and of course the next step after qualifying in a drysuit is to go fun diving with us at the coast!