Getting out there and actually diving is what this sport is all about! At Diving Leisure London we run regular excursions to exotic locations as well as keeping up a regular run of trips in the UK. Visit our Trips page to see what's in store for the year and beyond. We have at least one trip scheduled for almost every month of the year, more than any other London dive centre.

Over the past few years we've done all the following:

  • Dived the beautiful reefs and wrecks of the Red Sea
  • Dived the famous wrecks at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys
  • Dived with sharks in South Africa and Dolphins in the Red Sea
  • Done luxury liveaboard holidays to the Maldives and the Red Sea
  • Gone on long weekends to Malta, Sardinia and Croatia
  • Gone ice diving in Russia
  • Played with seals off the Northumberland coast at the Farne Islands
  • Gone technical diving on beautiful and historic wrecks in Malta
  • Dived the Syclla over the years in Plymouth and watched it become an amazing artificial reef
  • Dived the Blue Holes in Gozo, Dahab and Belize
  • Seen Hammerhead sharks at Tiran Island
  • Caught and eaten scallops at Portland
  • The list kind of goes on and on!

Our aim is to ensure that your trip is as easy and memorable as possible. We organise everything from start to finish so all you have to do is turn up. 


UK diving is amazing. Fact. The UK is completely surrounded by water, and therefore has a myriad of diving opportunities - from the famous WWI wrecks of Scapa up north, to the largest grey seal colony in the world in Farnes on our east coast, to the mysterious, and pristine waters of the western Isles, to the famous wrecks and beach lined coast of the south coast. 

 If you're interested in trying UK diving we're definitely the centre for you. Sometimes diving in the UK can seem daunting but in actual fact it's really easy and the best thing is it allows you to turn an activity that you might only do once or twice a year into a full blown hobby! At Diving Leisure London we aim to ensure that all our UK trips are run with friendly dive skippers and a DLL staff member on hand to look after you and ensure your diving is fun and relaxing. Our UK weekends are perfect breaks, we often head off on Friday night after work and then leave to get back on Sunday evening so you won't even need to take time off. On top of all that it's not even that expensive, as a rough guide 2 nights BnB and 2 days boat diving will set you back about £180.

Check out the video of our trip to dive the Farne Islands, a truly magical experience that you can enjoy right on your doorstep. Give UK diving a try it's fantastic!