Why are the media obsessed with villainising sharks?

Every time I see an article written about a shark attack, or how dangerous sharks are, it pisses me off as these are very rare events that should not be newsworthy. The latest one I've seen is a stupid article from the Daily Mail (not that they publish anything but stupid articles) about X-Factor judge Cheryl and her man narrowly escaping a shark attack. Perhaps she was unable to judge how unlikely that was.

This should not be news. Joe public, who has no idea about the importance of sharks, or even their endangered status, is being instilled with a misguided sense of fear and resentment towards sharks by the media. This in turn will lead to a world with more idiots like Colin Barnett, who think it's the right path to cull an animal because it misidentified a human as what it thought was food.

To put it into perspective, more people per year are killed by dogs, yet still millions of people around the world won't hesitate to get a pet dog. One hundred times as many people per year are killed from falling out of bed than by sharks. Are you going to sleep on the floor?

If you think sharks pose a huge risk to your health, you are greatly misguided. Just look at the infographic below.

You've also got more of a chance of drowning than being killed by a shark, so if you're going to be afraid, FEAR WATER!

Dear media,

Please stop reporting these rare occurrences in such a sensationalist way and and instead, report more on the critical importance of this species and their terrible plight.

'nuff said.