Why am I doing my Divemaster?

Firstly, because I love to dive and I now also have my own dry suit which I am looking forward to getting wet!  

Secondly because I want to take my diving to the next level. Completing the Rescue Diver course not only gave me the skills on how to respond to danger and avoid them but it gave me that extra confidence which I now want to take to the next level.   

Thirdly, who doesn’t want to spend their weekends meeting new people, helping them achieve their diving goals while having laughs along the way? 

Lastly, and most importantly DLL are a good bunch of fun, crazy  people who not only love diving but are great to be around (read: love a drink or two :-) ). Their enthusiasm for diving is infectious!

(We first me Bernie last year when she joined our trip to Maldives. We somehow managed to convince her that diving in the UK was fun, and since then she's taken her rescue course, gone on her first UK diving trip, bought her own drysuit and is now embarking on her dive master training. We're so proud of you Bernie!)