The EON has landed.

In April 2014, Suunto took a large group of scuba industry personages, including me to Brussels for a big bells and whistles launch of a lovely new shiny toy.

We were collected early on a Friday afternoon by coach and driven to Brussles in time for dinner and followed by a beverage or two in the beer capital of Europe (depending on who you ask). The following morning the group were shuttled off to Nemo33 for the announcement of the new Suunto EON Steel. It looked very rather impressive, but would it live up to the test?

Suunto EON Steel

After the presentation we all spun around really fast until we were in our scuba kit and hopped into what at the time was the world's deepest swimming pool, each wearing a EON Steel demo unit.

First thing I liked about the EON is its' bright full colour dispay, which shows all the information you need in a very asthetic way. We weren't giving an instructing manual before hand, but that wasn't a problem. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. After pressing the buttons a few times, I quickly worked out how to navigate through it's settings and customisable displays.

This is a fantastic piece of kit, which I feel is very suited to diving in cold water. The strap is large and long enough to easily fit around a drysuit sleeve, though if you fancy it, the EON Steel is supplied with a bungee wrist mount option as well. Also in the box, you get a rubber 'boot' to protect from knocks and scratches.

As it is big, you can probably drop about a kilo from your weight belt, but it's not so heavy that you'll have significant muscle gain in the arm you wear it on.

All in all, the EON Steel is functional, totally bling and a great dive computer for the avid UK diver.

Get yours here.