10 hacks to making your scuba diving better. Because everything is a hack these days...

It's just not cool if it isn't. So while practice and knowledge developement are key, if you can hack it, it's just so much better.

HACK #1. Keep diving.

The more often you're out there having fun in the water, the better you'll be. Long lapses can make you as rusty as a paper bag full of nails submerged in a puddle. Nasty.

HACK #2. Observe.

Look at other divers and see what you can learn from them. Try not to look at them through your nose though.

HACK #3. Think thermal.

There is never a need to be cold on a dive and if you are cold, you'll struggle to fully enjoy the dive. Find out the water temperature at your planned depth before you jump in and make sure you've got the right suit for it. You wouldn't go skiing in your underwear would you? 

HACK #4. Weighting is key.

Figure out what is best for you by making small adjustments to position and amount of weights you use. Overweighting and underweighting lead to poor positioning in the water, overexertion and higher gas consumption.

HACK #5. Feel it.

Don't just rely on your vision. You can detect small pressure changes inside your ears, which will help you determine if you are going up or down.

HACK #6. Control.

Make small adjustments to your buoyancy on ascent and descent. Don't just rocket down and then frantically add air as you face-plant the sea bed; adjust little and often.

HACK #7. Relax.

A cool calm and collected diver is better able to address potential problems than one constantly paranoid about potential problems.

HACK #8. Kit configuration.

Think about what you need for the dive and where is best to secure it for easy access, to minimise drag and eliminate snagging risk.

HACK #9. Hone your skills.

One of the best and quickest ways to do this is to take a course with a qualified instructor. They will likely know many tips and tricks to help you develop that you hadn't thought of.

HACK #10. Share.

If you are feeling uncomfortable with anything for any reason, let someone know. As with all aspects of life, if you keep something that troubles you inside it can grow bigger than it needs to be. 


As with HACK #1 the best way get out there and get diving. It's so much better than watching YouTube videos and reading blogs.