How long have you been diving? 
Since 2006. I did my open water in Bali, and absolutely loved it. On my very first open water dive as a qualified diver I got to see a Mola Mola (Sunfish), turtles, rays and a lot more and I was hooked. I never considered diving in colder water until about 2008 when I did my drysuit and nitrox course in lovely wraysbury. Some of the best diving since has been in colder waters. I love how diving is not about what you do in your day to day, how old you are, what size your are, or how fit or strong you are. Diving brings people together. It's about having fun, exploring, and of course that cheeky half with friends. wink emoticon

Best diving experience? 
Tough choice, there's been so many. I'll share a favourite instead - Diving the P29 off Cirkewa in Malta, and that sensation when you swim out underwater to where the rocky slope ends in a drop and you sail into the blue. I've done this dive several times since and I still can't help taking a little leap of the "edge" and scream "ouweeee" as I glide into the blue. It's an awesome feeling. 

What you like best about being involved in teaching diving? 
Opening up the world of diving to new intrepid adventurers. 

Any other words of wisdom? 
What are you waiting for? I grew up in Norway with the ocean at my doorstep and spent all my childhood on, near or in the water. Yet it took a trip to Bali in my 20's to get me to explore the underwater world. I can't believe it took me so long, there is just so much to see and explore and experience. And there really is something for everyone. Stop waiting and jump in.