Faye (Before)

Faye (Before)

Faye (After)

Faye (After)


Certification Level:

Master Scuba Diver

When did you start diving?

Since 2001 when I stumbled on a dive centre in Lebanon. I had always admired the underwater world and the stories of discoveries, but I had then never thought I would actually experience it the way I had. 

Best diving experience?

So many beautiful sites and experiences its difficult to choose :)  I think maybe my first wreck. It was such an amazing dive and such a different world it was like the adventure has just began. 

Dive goals?

Reaching new places and maybe finding an underwater treasure ;)

Dive inspiration?

Jacques Cousteau, and Honor Frost

Fave piece of equipment?

My regulator, dare I say more?  :-)  

Say something about DLL:

A fun bunch! I really enjoyed the trips I have been to with them and UK diving which, coming from warm water diving, was a big surprise to me.