Diving Leisure London is a brilliant little dive shop and school in Battersea, South London which offers a full range of courses from beginner all the way through to instructor and way beyond! See below for entry level courses, or our courses page for more information on the full range we offer.

At Diving Leisure we don't believe in rushing and have 9 hours scheduled in a 25 metre heated pool over an Open Water Referral weekend. This ensures you are able to progress at your own pace. We never over fill our courses and ensure there are enough instructors and dive masters to provide a more personal training experience.

If you are unsure if scuba diving is for you, but want to give it a try, book onto our Discover Scuba Diving course. This great little taster course allows you to see if scuba diving is the thing for you. See below or visit our main courses page, to find out more and book on.