If you like the idea of having a very large group of like-minded dive buddies, who like to dive, go on dive trips/holidays, share diving tips and experiences, and are a hoot to hang around with, then the DLL Dive Club is for you. There's no fee to join. No application form. Just show up at any of our club nights or special events, or sign up for a course or any of our trips, or drop by the shop to say hello. And there are a multitude of ways to stay in touch:

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DLL Club Nights

We always meet on the first Thursday of every month at the Eagle Pub on Chatham Rd, 2 mins walk from the shop in Battersea. Anyone is welcome to join us, whether you've never dived and want to find out more, or if you're an experienced diver or from a different training agency. We kick off around 6:30 p.m. at the dive shop and then head over to the Eagle at around 8 p.m. We always get new people coming down so don't be shy (don't worry, we're not a small group of furry blokes sitting in a corner talking about gear configuration and how deep we've managed to dive, well not all of us that is...!). Just come into the shop or pub and ask for the divers and you'll get pointed in the right direction.