Before Darren (far right)

Before Darren (far right)

After Darren

After Darren


Certification Level: MSD, DM, Tech 50    

When did you start diving?

Strarted in Johannesburg in 1998 OW, then started again in Sharm in 2012 for AWO, then UK diving in 2013 with Drysuit...    

Best diving experience?

Scapa Flow wrecks

Diving goals?

Tech65, Cave and then Rebreather

Dive inspiration?

Endless opportunities to stretch your capabilities anf grow    

Fave piece of equipment?

Anything needing a fettle        

Vital Stats:

Regulator: Atomics M1s    

Drysuit: Whites and Bare    

Torch: Looking at Light Monkey, could be my new fave kit    

Thermals: Only if it's really cold, then my Bare    

Mask: Tusa, looking at Venom

Fins: Hollis F1