Certification Level: Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Instructor

When did you start diving?

11 years ago. 

Best diving experience?

A perfect, relaxed dive in Cape Verde when all the wildlife decided to come out and say hello.    

Diving goals?

Taking up the reins at my own dive centre in the Canary Islands

Diving inspiration?

My first instructor - Kevin Russell. All the things a good instructor should be: encouraging, patient, an ambassador for the sport and a great laugh

Fave piece of equipment?

Scubapro single lens mask - great vision and comfort    

Other thoughts/comments?

SCUBA diving is only for those who like being with friendly, helpful, interested and interesting people and who don't mind becoming enthralled with marine life, wrecks, caves, ice, feeling of weightlessness and an occasional pint with likeminded individuals...    

Vital Stats:

Regulator: Aqualung Legend

Drysuit: Bare XCS2 Techdry

BCD: Cressi Waverider with integrated weights    

Torch: Light and Motion GoBe (700 Spot and 500 Search)

Thermals: 4th Element Xerotherms    

Fins: Aqualung XShot