Seal Team

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Seal Team

from 60.00

The PADI Seal Team is a series of pool dives (or Aquamissions!) which allow your child to continue to develop their diving skills, having fun until they're old enough to do the full open water course.

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Course Packages

  • Bronze (£60): This is the cost of a single Seal Team Aquamission. This is run as a 2 hour session done in a group.
  • Silver (£275) - This is 5 Aquamissions, when booked together you save money and your child will also earn the Seal Team Certification. This option also includes the Seal Team crewpack.
  • Gold (£100per session): Benefit from one-on-one instruction for a single Seal Team Mission.

Sessons can be arranged for any of our confined water weekends.

How the course works

The Seal Team works as a series of Aquamissions where your child will concentrate on various dive skills like buoyancy, underwater breathing and swimming onto all sorts of other fun activities. After completion of 5 Aquamissions your child will receive a Seal Team Certfication badge. Your child can carry on completing Aquamissions until they're qualified as a Master Seal.

The idea is that upon completion they will be totally ready for the Open Water Course and will breeze through it!

Course prerequisites

  • Aged 8
  • Able to swim

What's the next step?

After completion of seal team and when they're 10, they can progress to Open Water.