Being a professional diver is a fantastic string to your bow. It can be life changing in so many ways, and there are very few jobs that are as fun and rewarding as teaching someone to dive. If you love teaching/coaching, have dreams of travelling the world doing what you love while being able to earn, or if just want to be the best diver and join an elite few, going down the professional diver path could be for you. Visit our Professional Courses page for more information, or call/drop by and we are happy to discussion your options for beginning your professional path.

Professional Courses

  • Dive Master - The first step on the road to becoming a diving instructor. The course is immensely fun, challenging, rewarding and will transform your diving skills. We also offer Dive Master internships. Call to enquire.
  • Assistant Instructor - The first instructor-level course. You will qualify to teach basic entry level courses and skills. This is a pre-requisite to taking the Open Water Scuba Instructor Course
  • Open Water Scuba Instructor Course - Qualify to teach recreational scuba diving using the PADI system of education. This is one of the most fun and rewarding courses you will ever do.