Before Aileen, 2010

Before Aileen, 2010

After Aileen, 2014

After Aileen, 2014


Certification Level: Rescue, JJ-CCR Mod 2

When did you start diving?
1997 in the Philippines. I had always wanted to dive. It was my first gift to myself!

First course with DLL was..
Advanced with a dry suit bolt-on. I was dry for about 10 years leading up to it (follow a not so fun diving experience in Florida in 2000). I had no idea if I’d like to hate UK diving. I tried to convince my housemate to also sign-up. He said no-way. I still have vivid memories of the day – it was 4th July 2009, it was a beautiful sunny day at Vobster, the DLL crew seemed like a nice bunch. I loved it.

How did you get to DM, what was your path?
I did Rescue, Nitrox, Deep Wreck in rapid succession after advanced, and then started my DMT soon after. At the end of 2009. I am still doing a DMT.

Diving goals for the future?
Complete my PADI divemaster.  And full trimix on my rebreather.

Best diving experience(s)?
First time I penetrated a wreck up in Scapa Flow, Orkney Isles. It was amazing to float through the crags and crevices of these huge WWI German Warfleet wrecks. In recent memory, diving in open water with a bunch of blacktip sharks on Aliwal Shoal, South Africa was quite the adrenalin rush!

Best piece of equipment? 
Ooh tricky tricky. My most indispensable is my drysuit. I love dry suit diving. It opens a whole new and wonderful world of diving opportunities.

To dive the world

Vital Stats:

Regulator: Scubapro if open circuit, otherwise CCR!

BCD/Wing: Wing of my JJ

Drysuit: Fourth Element Kevlar Argonaut

Torch: Finnsub

Dive computer: Shearwater, Liquivision

Thermals: Fourth Element base, Santi outer

Mask: Tusa

Fins: Mares Quattro