Certification Level:

Advanced trimix, JJ CCR Mod 2, Instructor    

When did you start diving?

Since 1995 and instructing since 2002

Best diving experience?

Thomas reef arch during the mod 2 CCR course a unique dive with excellent buddies.     

Dive goals?

To dive in some more exotic places as Egypt and Malta are excellent destinations but to see different wrecks and aquatic life is always exciting    

Dive inspiration?

To dive more often with my JJ - I can't teach and do recreation dives at the same time so need to balance better.    

Fave piece of equipment?

JJ rebreather or Suunto Eon steel    

Vital Stats:    

Regs: Scubapro MK25 with S600

Drysuit: Bare HDC on its way    

BCD: Scubapro x force

Torch: Archon     

Thermals: Fourth element and Thermalution heat vest    

Mask: Mares x vision

Fins: Jet fins    

Computer: Eon steel, dive system iDive Reb

Say something about DLL:

Since I walked through the door the staff I have worked with have always been encouraging, taking me to places and certifications I didn't think I would be able to do