PADI Rescue Diver Course
Prices from £350


PADI Rescue Diver Course
Prices from £350

from 350.00

The rescue course takes your skills to the next level by teaching you how to deal with problems other divers may have. Many divers find that the rescue course is the most challenging and rewarding course they’ll do.

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Course Packages

  • Bronze (£350|) without EFR: Our basic rescue course which includes e-learning materials and training over 2 weekends

  • Silver (£420) with EFR): This course includes the one day EFR Course and the E-learning material

  • Gold (£550): Add your drysuit qualifying dive as a bolt-on and save £100 off the drysuit course.

How the course works

The Rescue Diver Course is different to many other courses in that it is designed to give you a set of skills and options that you can use in the unlikely event that you are present in a diving emergency. There are very few absolute right or wrong answers on a rescue course only the best that you can manage at the time with the resources you have. Therefore the course runs slightly differently from other courses.

Weekend one:

  • Day 1: EFR course (if applicable)
  • Day 2: Rescue course pool session - The instructor will introduce you to various ways of dealing with different emergencies all the way from a tired diver on the surface to an unconscious diver on the bottom. The session gives you the chance to practise some key skills before heading out to open water.

Weekend two:

The 3rd and 4th days are spent at open water. We almost always conduct the rescue course at an inland site because the easy access to and from the water gives the best conditions to practise the skills. You'll continue to practise skills on the 3rd day before putting everything you've learned into action on day 4. On this day you'll get involved in a series of emergency scenarios, you and your fellow rescue students will decide the best way to deal with the emergencies. It's a full on, challenging but extremely enjoyable day!

After the course ends you'll have massively increased your confidence as a diver and have the knowledge to be able to deal with an emergency should the situation arise.


The standard Rescue Course usually follows the following schedule:

Weekend One:

  • Saturday, 12.30-18.30: EFR Course at the shop
  • Sunday:
    • 9.00-12.00: Rescue diver theory at the shop
    • 13.00-17.30: Rescue Diver pool practice

Weekend Two

Timings are dive site dependent but when diving at Wraysbury the following timings apply:

  • Saturday, 9.30-16.00: Rescue skills practice at open water
  • Sunday, 9.30-16.00: Rescue scenarios at open Water

What's the next step?

After Rescue you are well on your way to Master Scuba Diver and the various specialities. You can also start looking towards going pro and the Divemaster course.